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Tips for planning a successful event

tips for planning a successful event
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A successful event will bring everyone together to work cohesively

Planning events can be stressful and the pressure of designing the ultimate corporate and team building experience can be difficult. Team building events are about more than getting individuals together outside of the workplace, they're designed to bring everyone together to work cohesively and improve group performance. It needs to be engaging, raise the profile of your event and, most importantly, create a lasting impression. It certainly requires plenty of idea generation, planning and careful attention to detail. Team building is the ideal morale boost and can bring plenty of fresh energy and motivation to team culture.

It's important to remember good planning is essential...

Here are top 5 tips for planning the ultimate event:

Good planning and communication

Careful planning and good communication is paramount so have a decent plan in place that clearly outlines your expectations and objectives. Remember to consider the smaller details when planning such as accommodation and timetables.


Remember to be realistic when planning with your budget as it's important to get this right to ensure you receive the most successful outcome from your team building or corporate event. Make sure you have a contingency and update your budget regularly as this may need to change based on numbers.

Have a single point of contact

This is important as you'll continually be working closely with this individual in the build up to your event or conference. It ensures you receive the very best from your team building or corporate event with a main single point of contact to ensure client consistency and changes are handled seamlessly.


Work out exactly how many participants will be attending from your group. Remember to think about average ages, abilities, interests and job roles. This will enable the organiser to pick the most suitable team building event to suit your audience. During the planning stages if you're concerned about guests dropping out just speak to your planner to adjust numbers, this means you won't lose deposits or be paying for guests that are unable to attend.

Choose the correct team building event

Choosing cheesy team building events that involve building pointless towers just won't make the cut anymore. We work with event company Off Limits Event Professionals to provide the ultimate team building solution for client. Here are some examples of inspiring team building events that you can host  for your delegates and will add value to your investment:

Claim of Thrones

Take your delegates team building event outdoors with this Claim of Thrones activity. It's designed for true leaders and alliances and is an inspiring event, it allows fellow house members to compete for the Throne of Steel Honour as delegates are crowned victors in the final race to Eastaros. Delegates will take part in a range of multi-activities from axe throwing to archery as well as the race to westeros including many more themed activities. This themed team building event is creative and encourages leadership and delegation.

CSI Investigate

The CSI team building challenge is based on the smash hit TV series. A heinous crime has been committed and the suspected criminals have been arrested. The team have done a sloppy job and down tooled to attend the team building event. It is now down to all your delegates to finish the case and is an opportunity for everyone to become CSI's for the day in order to arrest the correct killer. The activities include blood splatter analysis, fingerprinting, phone interrogation, CCTV analysis, witness statements and television appeals. This unique event will inspire and entertain delegates as you work collectively to solve injustices.

Motion Machine

Do you remember Meccano as a kid? This event is a life size team building experience designed to help delegates relive their glory days, it's a classic mix of mousetrap meets meccano. It's an ingenious event that combines retro appeal as you race against time to achieve mission success. It requires plenty of smart planning, delegation, team work and brilliant time management.

Do you want to hear more about booking a team building or corporate event? Please contact us for more information.

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Written by Jenna Halford

23rd Tuesday January 2018

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