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Virtual Events 2021

virtual events 2021
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Virtual Events 2021 are the perfect way to motivate the team and bring everyone back together, virtually of course! 

Here at Off Limits, we have had to adapt and grow our events to be able to run them virtually across the country to all of our clients. We have created brand new games to play within your teams and built a virtual community within the events industry. We have taken some of our existing events which we know our clients love, and transformed them to be accessible virtually. We know it’s hard to keep the team spirit high and everyone motivated day to day with the current restrictions across the country and especially if you’re working from home. Seeing your colleagues on the screen isn’t as fun as being in person with them, but having a virtual event for your whole team brings everyone together and ignites some fire amongst the team. Who knows when we will be able to gather in groups of over 20, 30 & even 50 again, so for now we bring you a few of our range of our very own exciting virtual events: 

Virtual Escape Rooms:

Our escape rooms are one of the most exciting virtual events to speak about at the moment as we can create and build a tailored bespoke escape room just for you and your team. We can communicate with you and build a story based on your company story, goals and even products. We will create an escape room that will have everyone deep in thought, cracking codes together, working as a team and remaining focused. Teams will need to work together to ensure they can escape, but which team will do it quickest? 

Get in contact with us to discuss your bespoke escape room today!! We can’t wait to work with you and build a room entirely for your business! 

We also have our fantastic Infiltraitor escape room if you are looking for an outstanding virtual escape room that is ready to play with your team and colleagues today. 

Virtual Race Night:

We can’t go to the races, so we will bring the races to you. Will lady luck be on your side at the races or will you go bust? We will set the whole event up for you and deliver this through an online platform, you will place your bets and then watch the race to see who comes in place. Don’t worry though it is only pretend money you’re betting with so; you can go to town if your feeling lucky enough. You could even get dressed up for the event, so get those bow ties and hats at the ready. Making this a virtual team event that everyone will enjoy! Keep a championship board going within your team and maybe make this a monthly event you and the team can look forward too! Let’s race!

Virtual Casino:

Red or black? That is the question. This is the virtual casino, can you hold your nerve and bet everything on red? Again, this is not your own money you are playing with so you really can go for it. We have various games we play in our casino evenings not just roulette. We can discuss these with you when you book, so that we ensure we play the games you and your team are most interested in. Get those black ties out we are going to be having a blast in out virtual casino evenings!! 

So, if you’re ready for an epic virtual event so are we!! Get in touch with us to speak about your next event. Just because we can’t meet in person, why should the fun stop!? 

Virtual events are so 2021. 

We can run all virtual events over zoom or teams, just let us know your preferred platform. See our full range of virtual events!

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Written by Jenna Halford

26th Tuesday January 2021

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