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Themed Corporate Events

If you want to make a lasting impression, themed events are the way forward. Basing a party or corporate evening event around an era, season, book, film or place gets guests excited instantly. Themed events create a big buzz in advance. Guests will be talking about your celebration from the moment they receive an invitation.

Click on the icons below for more information on our themed events:

Feast like kings and queens with a rip-roaring Medieval Evening.

Take a punt on a Las Vegas Evening and enjoy the 'Sin City' experience without breaking the bank.

Dig out your legwarmers and shoulder pads for a 70s and 80s Party.

Take a trip to the decadent Moulin Rouge and be whisked back to the heady days of early 20th century Paris.

Those are just a few of our most popular evening events. There are tons of suitably fabulous themes. Stick with the classics or do something different. The Mad Hatter Tea Party and the Lost City of Atlantis are ideal themes for a truly distinctive event.

Fancy doing your own thing but need help turning your ideas into reality? Stuck for inspiration? Our events team can create a bespoke themed party that suits your style and budget. The possibilities are limitless!

Our themed events involve much more than a couple of costumes and a few table centres. Our events team will convert your venue into a spot that represents your theme to a tee. Thoughtful details, appropriate music, decor and entertainment all are used in harmony to create an authentic atmosphere.

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