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Building Team Image

building team image
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Building Team Image

How is your team regarded by other teams in your organization? Are you thought of as synergistic, energetic, committed, professional, and pleasant, or disgruntled, dysfunctional, demoralized and down-trodden? There are ten steps you can take to repair your team's image and reputation.

  • The team leader will make it a rule to criticize privately and praise the team publicly. S/he will not make disparaging remarks about his/her team to other leaders, or to other team members.
  • The team will publicize its' successes to other teams in the organization by issuing newsletter articles, emails or bulletins describing their achievements.
  • Team members will demonstrate a high amount of loyalty to one another, banding together to defend one another in the face of disparaging remarks or accusations.
  • The team will find opportunities to have fun together and speak fondly about those occasions to others. At Off Limits you will find a number of themed evening parties where your team can relax in each others company.
  • The team will provide encouragement to others in the organization and refrain from making discouraging remarks about the organization.
  • Team members will volunteer to take an active role in organizational activities such as committees, and annual social events, such as Themed Parties and the office Christmas party.
  • The team will celebrate its' members and their successes with rewards and recognition that is visible to the entire organization.
  • The team will volunteer to collaborate with other teams in the organization to assist them in making a positive impact in the organization.
  • The team will recruit dynamic, impressive new members when vacancies need to be filled on the team.
  • The team will continuously challenge itself to produce ever greater results.

Not only will the team's image improve, its' overall value to the organization will also be greatly enhanced by taking these steps. Organizational image is based on both looking good, and actually being good. Improve your team and an improved image will follow.

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