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Building Trust Throughout The Team

building trust throughout the team
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Building Trust Throughout the Team

Trust is a very fragile human dynamic that can be permanently shattered with a single act. Once trust among team members has been breached, it is difficult to re-establish. If the words "I'll never trust him/her again" have been uttered in your team recently it is time to confront the issue of disrupted team trust head on.

In preparation for a team meeting the team leader will need to prepare 4 posters to hang in the four corners of the meeting room. The posters will read as follows:

  • I tend to trust others quickly and easily.
  • I trust others until they give me a reason not to.
  • I don't trust others until they have earned my trust.
  • I don't generally tend to trust anyone.

When the team arrives for the meeting the leader will instruct team members to read all four posters and to stand under the one that best represents their inclination towards trusting others. The groups standing together under each poster will then discuss how they have come to view trust in the ways that they do, and make a list of pros and cons involved with their particular stance. In turn, each group will share its lists with the full team, and invite feedback from other perspectives.

Once all groups have shared their thoughts and received feedback, the groups will reconvene to surface suggestions as to how to establish trust with members of their group. When each group has authored at least three suggestions about fostering trust they will share them with the full group. All team members will be asked to take notes as to who is in each group, and about what it will take to establish, or re-establish trust with those individuals. All team members will then commit to act in the ways specified to become more trusting of one another.

Here at Off Limits we have a number of team building activities and events which can help to build trusting relationships back in the workplace, in a fun and informal manner. Our Blindfold Driving, Human Sheep Herding and Team Challenge activities are designed to test your faith and build your trust in your fellow team members.

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