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Enhancing Team Capacity

enhancing team capacity
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Enhancing Team Capacity

In today's rapidly changing work environment, the demands being placed on work teams require that they expand their depth and breadth to make room for more capabilities. This process is referred to as "capacity building".

There are three ways to enhance team capacity; add more team members, update or augment the team's technology, and/or further develop and tapping the existing talent in the team. New team members should be added when the work unit is understaffed. Understaffing occurs when vacant positions are not filled in a timely manner, when employees take extended leave, or when the workload increases to the point that an additional unit position is justified.

Teams need to conduct an annual technology audit to assure that they are using the best tools available to produce needed results. Annual environmental scanning to locate improved tools will have big payoff in streamlining work processes and boosting productivity.

Developing and utilizing the untapped talent of existing team members will also greatly expand a team's capacity. Developing talent can be done through training aimed at the acquisition of new skill sets or knowledge pieces, coaching individual team members to help refine existing skills, and revising work assignments to better utilize areas of individual expertise. Teams with high morale tend to be more interested in pursuing personal and professional growth goals than teams that are "morale-challenged".

Fostering trust and support amongst team members will spur each individual to strive to excel in the face of ever-increasing challenges. Team Challenge Events have been created to improve working relationships in a fun and informal way. When the events are finished and individuals reflect on the day; they will realise there are people within their organisation who have skills that can be implemented within the workplace.

A team is something greater than the sum total of its parts. Expanding what the team contains makes ever higher levels of achievement possible. Adding updated tools, new skills and knowledge, improved morale, expanded motivation, individualized coaching, and liberal levels of staff support will substantially increase your team's capacity for achieving success in reaching its' desired outcomes.

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