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golf outings
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Golf Outings

Is golf really a team building sport? It can be, especially if this year's corporate golf outing includes a few round of "extreme golf". A golf outing can be used for team building, as hospitality event, or as a charity event where players are charged a hefty entry fee that goes to support a charitable cause.

There are several variations of "extreme golf". Speed golf, a sport that combines golfing with jogging can pit teams against each other to see which team can complete the course first with the best aggregate score. Uphill golfing is another competitive golf variation that has teams golfing up the side of a hill or mountain. The team who arrives at the peak of the hill or mountain first wins.

Snow golf is growing in popularity as an extreme sport for avid golfers. Bundle up your team for this sport and buy some colourful golf balls, since it is enough challenge to find your ball in the snow without searching for a white ball! The team who completes the course first with the best score wins. Equip golfers with a thermos or two of hot chocolate or coffee, and be sure no alcoholic beverages are consumed during this cold weather sport to keep golfers alert and agile.

A golf team building activity that is less challenging than extreme golf involves a team scramble. The members of each team hit one ball, and then decide which shot landed in the best position. All members of the team then shoot the next ball from that position. This golf variation is a good equalizer for teams composed of both experienced and inexperienced golfers. A course with short holes is best suited to a golf scramble, and the game ends at the ninth hole. All team members get to make a contribution to the team effort, thus building esprit de corps among team members.

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