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Its A Knockout

its a knockout
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Its a Knockout

Would you like to hold a charity fundraiser or a team building event that is safe, fun, and physically challenging? It's a Knockout events meet these criteria and are available throughout Europe. These events feature giant inflatable characters and structures, and oversized costumes that create a humorous and challenging environment in which teams compete.

Participants of any fitness level will enjoy a themed competition where competitors and spectators alike will spend a day outdoors laughing at and with their team mates. Here is a sampling of available themes available to choose from:

School Boy Holiday: Teams will race over a foam-covered giant inflatable hurdle course one at a time until the whole team completes the course to see which team finishes first. The last team member will be wearing a rather large schoolboy costume. Victory is achieved when the Schoolboy is relaxed in the deck chair at the end of the course.

Slippery Slope: A tall inflatable, foam-covered slope will have teams sliding out of control as they plummet to the bottom hoping to finish first and win a prize.

Fun Tunnels: This is an amazing relay based sprint where you will have to squeeze through the foam covered Tubes and collect small rubber ducks from the pool of water. The more ducks collected, the more points accumulated for the team. Unfortunately, ducks can only be collected one at a time so team members are forced to repeat the course again and again until time runs out.

Bomb the Castle: In this game teams form a human chain extending from a podium to a bucket of wet sponges. Sequentially team members hurl wet sponges from the podium over a huge inflatable castle wall. Two members of each team are stationed on the opposite side of the wall to collect their team's sponges and wring the water from them into a bin. The team with the most water in their bin when time runs out is the winner.

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