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Product Launches

The excitement is building in your organization. Your new product is almost ready to be introduced to the market. Weeks, months or even years of hard work, complex issues, frustration, and endless testing are all about to culminate into what will potentially be your biggest success yet. How do you celebrate such an achievement? You launch your product in grand style!

Here are some ideas for an unforgettable product launch event that will leave your potential customers, vendors, suppliers and employees breathless with anticipation over your product launch event.

A Hawaiian Luau: Transport your guest to an island paradise with an authentic Hawaiian feast, hula dancers, fire eaters and a volcano that erupts with confetti.

Game Show: Guests will play your version of a popular game show. Which briefcase contains a cash prize? What's the mystery guest's occupation? Concentrate, now what do the puzzle clues say?

Just Us Kids: A nostalgic journey back to childhood with the games, TV shows, music, foods, movie stars, and cars of an earlier time. Can you still jump rope, play jacks, and blow a huge pink bubble with your gum?

How the Other Half Lives: Yachting at sunset, a party at a mansion, or jetting off to the Caribbean for lunch, are experiences that most people will never have. Even rented elegance will garner word-of-mouth promotion for your new product.

Its a Knockout: Take part in a fun day of activities and leave all your guests with memories of a day they will not forget.

Remember, the idea behind a product launch is to get people talking about your firm and your product. A launch event that creates a buzz and demonstrates a high degree of creativity and uniqueness will set the stage to introduce your latest innovation. Use the same inspirational spirit that led to the development of your product to produce a memorable launch event that will leave your guests hoping that you develop your next new product soon.

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