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With the current popularity of television game shows, your corporate guests may be itching to show their knowledge of trivia while winning valuable prizes for demonstrating their expertise. A quiz night event is the perfect affair for rewarding your employees, adding a stimulating session to a conference, or to entertain friends of the corporation or VIPs.

Create your own quiz show environment with special stage lighting, tension building music, and podiums where players will "ring in" using a buzzer to indicate they know the answer. A variety of different quiz rounds can be held using different topic areas, or a themed evening using only one topic focus can delve deeply into a specific knowledge area. Pop Music Number 1's, Sport, Movie Stars and Their Films competitions furnish entertaining themes augmented by using theme décor, costumes, and a themed menu.

Bloody Mary cocktails or a "Death by Chocolate" dessert buffet would be an apt offering at a themed quiz night entitled Crime and Punishment featuring quiz rounds about famous criminals and crimes.

Quiz questions that are relevant to the operations and personnel of the corporation can be added to the competition to build knowledge and awareness of the organization, or to provide a humorous opportunity to giggle at company blunders.

Players can compete for valuable prizes, or gag gifts, depending on the budget for the event. Interesting twists can be applied to each round of the quiz competition by utilizing strategies shown on The Weakest Link, or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire television shows where lesser skilled players are voted off teams or players answer questions with the help of a person in the audience or via telephone from their homes. Regardless of the rules of the game, players will leave feeling smarter, and will boast for weeks to come about their mental prowess.

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