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Sailing And Yachting

sailing and yachting
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Sailing and Yachting

Sailing has been used as a team building experience over the past decade of so, and it is still one of the most thrilling ways to help a team to learn to function as a synchronous unit. Battling the open water and other teams will allow team members to witness the strengths of their team mates, increase their interdependence upon one another, and coordinate their efforts towards a common goal in a highly experiential and visible manner.

When deciding on the right sailing or yachting trip for your teams, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • What is the physical fitness level of each team member? If levels of fitness vary a less challenging course can be selected to allow all team members to participate fully.
  • A number of activities can be added to the trip that pits crews or individual team members against one another while sailing. Both mental and physical challenges can be presented to add interest and competitive challenges to the trip.
  • How long will the experience last? One day or multi-day trips are available. Multi-day trips afford the team more risks, and more opportunities to work cooperatively.

A number of other unique events are available outside of the normal team building days. These custom events allow all team members to get together and see the best of each other in completely new and exciting surroundings.

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