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Spa Day Out For Top Employees

spa day out for top employees
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A Spa Day Out for Top Employees

Are you looking for a way to reward your top employees that will provide them with the pampering they deserve? Consider sending your top ten performers off for a day or two at a spa to provide incentive for continued performance, and to demonstrate appreciation for a job well done. A spa day out for you employees is just one of the staff incentive programmes available. Our incentive programmes are specifically designed to match the interests of the individual so they return to the group even more motivated.

A spa day is a day without cell phones, PDA's or pagers, where employees spend the day wrapped in terry cloth instead of business suits. Tired feet are attired in soft slippers, and massaged using a variety of techniques. Stiff shoulders are treated to a heated lava rock massage, or a Swedish warm oil massage. Shiatsu, Reiki, medical and sports massages are available to treat specific aches and pains, or just to facilitate total body relaxation and rejuvenation.

Skin care options include a variety of facial treatments, a back purifier, and anti-aging techniques used to tone and exfoliate the skin, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A rejuvenating eye treatment, an aromatherapy paraffin treatment to smooth and sooth hands and feet, and a spray bronzing session will leave employees glowing.

A hydrotherapy scrub using sea salt, brown sugar, citrus crystals, or aromatic body polish will buff the body from head to toe, and nourishing body wraps are used to eliminate toxins and re-hydrate and moisturize tired skin while providing the employee an opportunity for quiet mediation to relax the mind and renew the spirit.

The spa day comes to an end with a trip to the salon for a manicure, a pedicure, and a hair styling session. Your employees will return to work feeling and looking like new people, full of energy, and ready to tackle the next big project.

Or if you are looking to reward you entire team with something a little different, there are a number of other unique events available. Our custom events allow all team members to get together and see the best of each other in completely new and exciting surroundings.

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