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Team Treasure Hunts

team treasure hunts
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Team Treasure Hunts

The most successful corporate teams are imbued with a deep understanding of each team members' strengths, and know how to pull together to face the daily challenges that confront them. A team treasure hunt will aid corporate teams in developing improved time management skills, become proficient at delegation, and enhance their ability to work as a unit.

Although a treasure hunt occurs in a relaxed environment, the hunt itself inspires healthy competition between corporate teams, each of whom is determined to claim the hidden treasure for themselves. Teams will solve a myriad of cryptic clues leading them to a series of locations in search of a treasure. Along the way teams will be given a number of assignments to photograph or gather items on a list they are provided.

Much like the trail followed in The Da Vinci Code, treasure hunting teams will decipher riddles, unearth clues, and de-code coded messages on their way to finding the hidden treasure. Teams will make use of the items gathered along the way to reveal the next clue, whether it is a flashlight needed to look into a dark trash bin, or a vial of vinegar required to make invisible ink appear on parchment paper.

Some clues will appear just out of reach of the team's grasp, requiring the team to devise a means of reaching the clue. As the hunt progresses a variety of intellectual and physical challenges will bring out the best in each team member, allowing him/her to display previously hidden talents to others on the team.

In lieu of an actual treasure hunt, teams can take a virtual treasure hunt through cyber space to locate clues planted strategically throughout the Internet. This hunt provides the team with an adventure without even leaving the office. As with actual treasure hunts, teams are pitted against one another, and the team that finds the ultimate treasure first wins.

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