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1920s And 30s Evening Events

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1920s and 30s evening events
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1920's and 30s Evening - Themed Events

You can't top the 1920s and 1930s for glamour, drama, and excitement. If you want themed parties with a touch of the elegant and illicit, this era fits the bill beautifully. Take a trip back in time to the jazz era for an evening that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Our 1920s and 1930s themed events are designed to evoke the true spirit of the era. On arrival, guests will be greeted by burly gangster doormen and asked for the secret password to gain entry to our illicit drinking den!

What's Involved?

Decor and Details

We will create a 1920s themed party that will make guests gasp. There are no shortcuts or half measures. Our team will dress the room in the style of an old school speakeasy and whisk guests back to the time of prohibition, silent movies, and the Charleston.

Little details make all the difference. Our experienced events team will add classic props and finishing touches to get guests totally immersed in the atmosphere.

Evening Entertainment

Guests will stroll into dinner to the strains of a three-piece jazz band with two Charleston dancers grooving to the sounds of the cool cats. After dinner, it's show time as our five-piece band takes centre stage. Guests can shimmy the night away or try their luck at our gangster-run casino.

Event management is included. Our themed events coordinators will take care of everything, leaving you free to enjoy the party!

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