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70s & 80s Night

Themed Events
70s & 80s night
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70s & 80s Night - Themed Events

Return to the decades that taste forgot! We arrange 70s and 80s themed parties with all the trimmings. Dig out your flares or dust down those drainpipe jeans, it's time to jump on board the retro bus.

The destination is our Car Wash nightclub, a venue that's proud to be stuck in a time warp!

What's Involved?

Decor and Details

We don't cut corners when it comes to room dressing. Our themed events are designed to evoke the spirit of the era. In this case, guests will stroll into the club and be greeted by retro lighting and themed backdrops.

Funky themed table centres add the finishing touch to our 70s and 80s themed parties.

Whether you want to do The Time Warp or The Locomotion, DJ Dirk Dallas will deliver the goods on the wheels of steel!


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