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Bollywood Evening

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bollywood evening
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Bollywood Evening - Themed Events

Bollywood Evening, few themed events match the colour, romance, excitement, and pure joy. Choose this theme for your party or corporate event and guests will have a blast! Experience the fairytale lifestyle of Indian cinema royalty with an all-singing, all-dancing themed evening.

When you're planning a themed event as glamorous as this, atmosphere is everything. We'll make sure your Bollywood evening looks and feels the part.

What's Involved?

Guests will glide up the red carpet towards the silk-adorned entranceway in true film star style!

Candlelight beckons your guests into the sumptuously decorated venue for an evening of Bollywood colour, drama, and enchantment. From the red-carpet entrance and chic tables centres to the glittering star cloths and themed Bollywood silhouette panels, it's the perfect backdrop for a night of opulence!

If you want to pull out all the stops, ask us about adding extra props and performers to entertain the crowd. Giant film reels, cameras and clapperboards make impressive centrepieces. For attention-grabbing action, ask us about booking snake dancers, fire performers and Bollywood dancers.

If you want a themed event that makes guests go: "Wow!", this is a great choice. We'll work with you to create a Bollywood evening that'll get a great review from the critics!


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