British Local Pubs

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What better to celebrate your evening than that great British past time, a home from home, where everybody knows your name... the classic British Local.

We all have one. Whether it is the Red Lion, Black Swan, Royal Crown; we all have a soft spot for the one place that family and friends come together to compete in some light hearted banter, entertainment games, or simply to just catch up on old times.

Now we can bring the tavern to you. With a range of fantastic up-lit table centres, which seamlessly combine traditional tankards with class, down to the dart board in the corner and the roaring fire place. Off Limits Corporate Events can tailor a package to suit any room, be it a grand open space, or a cosy snug area.

We can even enhance your evening with a series of traditional pub games, like darts and the weekly quiz event. We can even supply a classic tribute act, whether it is a fabulous performance or the one that is already remembered, the truly terrible!