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Jungle Evening

Themed Events
jungle evening
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Jungle Evening - Themed Events

Safari gear is de rigeur for the Jungle Evening - one of our most imaginative themed events. If you fancy a change from 70s nights and beach themed parties, take the totally tropical approach.

Guests will be greeted with a glass of our signature jungle juice and taken on a safari-tastic trip.

What's Involved?

Decor and Details

Everything from the music and sound effects to the room decor is designed to evoke the exotic spirit of the jungle. The best themed parties blend sound, decor, and props to create an authentic atmosphere. We'll make sure all bases are covered.

Wild animal sounds will drift from the speakers. Snakes will hiss and monkeys screech as the pounding of distant drums gets feet tapping and heads nodding. We'll get the campfire burning and dress the room with backdrops and trailing vines.

Evening Entertainment

Guests can hit the dancefloor after dinner. Ask the DJ nicely and he may just whip out the retro classic 'In the Jungle' by 80s one-hit wonders Tight Fit!

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