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Lost City of Atlantis

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lost city of atlantis
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Lost City of Atlantis - Themed Events

Atlantis themed party is one to keep in mind if you're stuck for inspiration when it comes to your next themed event. If the bog-standard subjects and party themes leave you cold, check out our Lost City of Atlantis event. A deep-sea theme is a smart move if you fancy doing something different.

Plunge thousands of leagues under the sea and give guests an evening that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

What's Involved?

Decor and Details

Shrouded in myth and legend, the Lost City of Atlantis has inspired ancient historians, philosophers, and explorers. Our events team will evoke the spirit of the mysterious city with imaginative decor, props, and subtle lighting.

Guests will enter the room and be greeted by a subterranean world of deepsea creatures, dazzling colours and shipwrecked remains strewn across the sea bed.


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