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mad hatter tea party events
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Mad Hatter Tea Party - Themed Events

The Mad Hatter Tea Party is one of our most imaginative themed events. Lewis Carroll's classic children's book makes a brilliant party theme. The possibilities for food, decor and entertainment are virtually limitless!

Guests will be escorted down the rabbit hole and into a whimsical world for what promises to be an unforgettable evening.

Our Mad Hatter Tea Party themed events are inspired by the most memorable chapter from Alice in Wonderland. Guests will join Alice, the March hare, and the Dozy Dormouse for dinner with a difference.

What's Involved?

Decor and Details

Our team will deck the room out in decor that instantly conjures up the famous tea party scene. Guests will take the seats flanked by giant toadstools, playing cards, huge flowers and living statues! There will be a brilliant backdrop depicting the Mad Hatter in full theatrical style and of course the Queen of Hearts will be overseeing events in her inimitable style.

Invite guests to suspend disbelief and give full reign to their imaginations for an evening!

If you want to give guests a unique, memorable experience, our Alice in Wonderland themed party will fit the bill beautifully.

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