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Masquerade Evening

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masquerade evening
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Masquerade Evening - Themed Events

A masquerade ball is a themed event that's shrouded in sophistication and secrecy! We'll whisk you off to the Renaissance era for a night of drama and decadence. Get dressed up to the nines and indulge in a little mischief as you don masquerade masks, hide your identities and dive into a glamorous, sensual world where nothing is quite as it seems.

What's Involved?

Glide up the red carpet and sweep through the doors into the main room, which has been transformed into a Venetian-style ballroom. Be seduced by a spellbinding, romantic setting created with grand masquerade backdrops and silhouettes illuminated by a sea of gently twinkling fairy lights.

Gothic candelabra table centres catch the eye and their warm flickering lights create an intimate atmosphere for dinner.

After dinner, the excitement levels bubble over as the croupiers open the casino tables and the games begin! Try your luck at blackjack or risk your fun money on a single reckless spin of the roulette wheel.

If you want a spectacular finale to a conference or need a plan a themed party that will be the talk of the company for months, a masquerade ball will fit the bill.

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