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Medieval Banquet

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medieval banquet
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Medieval Banquet - Themed Events

If there's one thing the Lords and Ladies of the Medieval age knew how to do, it was throwing a banquet. So, fill your glass with mead, prepare the hog roast and get ready to step back to the time of Minstrels, Knights and Jesters!

What's Involved?

Weapons will adorn the walls and flickering torches will dimly light the scene. Wishes can be made at the well and jugglers will delight the guests. From a hessian carpet entranceway to the stocks for unruly peasants, our event professionals will add all the touches to really bring the smells and sounds of the Medieval age to your evening.

We can arrange minstrels to serenade you as you tuck into your banquet, jesters to delight and entertain you and dramatic duelling knights to round your evening off in a spectacular fashion!


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