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Monte Carlo Evening

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monte carlo evening
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Monte Carlo Evening - Themed Events

Bring the feel of Monte Carlo to your event with our Monte Carlo Evening. Drive the streets in our F1 simulator, test your speed on our 6 lane Scalextric, and capture the thrill of gambling with our Casinos and fun money. We can't bring you the sea or the sun, but we can bring you the fun!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team Bonding
  • Fun
  • Reward

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

After dinner you and your guests can enter the world of Monte Carlo and compete to be the overall winner. All guests will be given Off Limits fun money which they will utilise to place bets against their colleagues on each activity. The guest with the most money at the end of the evening will be rewarded with a bottle of champagne - whether you spray it in true F1 winner style is up to you!

The games that we would suggest would consist of the following:

Giant Six-Lane Scalextric Circuit

Can you drive your car the fastest around our six-lane Scalextric circuit? Or will you lose control on the hairpin bend?!

Using a range of International Touring cars, guests will need to use their skills and speed to master the track and become overall champion. Our six-lane circuit is a recreation of the world famous Spanish Grand Prix Circuit at Catalunya.

Jordan F1 Simulator

Feel like a Formula 1 driver in Off Limits very own full-size Jordan F1 car. Take on the persona of Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton and test your racing prowess on a selection of F1 circuits. Your guests can get the opportunity to experience their favourite track from the point of view of their favourite F1 Driver. Race alongside some of the driving greats and compete to achieve the quickest lap time.

A superb eye-catching centrepiece for any event!

Will Lady Luck be on your side as you roll the dice at our glamourous and fun Casino Night? Our professional and friendly croupiers bring a real sense of occasion as you try your hand on our full-size gaming tables. Fun money will be distributed to all guests, no bank balances will be dented!

All rules will be explained as the gambling gets under way - a bottle of champagne will be awarded at the end of the night to the best individual gambler.


The number of tables will depend on your group size but based on 30 people we would recommend at least 2 tables from below:


Place your bets on the spin of a Roulette Wheel. Take little risks with Odd and Evens or increase the stake by up to 35-1 by guessing the number that the ball and to rest on.


The most popular table at any casino; your guests play against the dealer trying to achieve the magic total of 21. The overall objective is to beat the dealer when he turns his cards.


A dice-based game involving several players at a time. Your money is riding on the throw of a dice. A table with a large amount of involvement for the players and incredible fun - especially if you are winning!


A classic card game, which is quick to learn and very fast moving with several people playing against the house simultaneously.


Off Limits will provide a host of themed flags, 3 x 8ft x 4ft up lit silhouette panels and 1 x large 8ft x 12ft up lit silhouette panel. In addition, a small PA System will provided to play background music throughout with a microphone for any announcements.


We would recommend a running time of 2 hours for the activities

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