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Outer Space Evening

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outer space evening
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Outer Space Evening - Themed Events

Blast off to another dimension with an outer space evening! If you want a mind-blowing themed event that's literally out of this world, look to the stars. We'll turn your venue into a fantastical universe with a rocket, models, eerie swirls of smoke and an unearthly glow created by roaming lights.

What's Involved?

Have a close encounter with an alien and see glowing sci-fi dancers' whirl around the room! An outer space evening will introduce you to astounding beings from galaxies far, far away.

When it comes to setting the scene, we've got it covered. Our outer space evening events really look the part. Upon entering the room, guests will be greeted by the sight of a rocket on a launch pad, satellites, and UV planets nestled within a galaxy of twinkling lights.

Dine, drink and get acquainted with your fellow earthlings at tables dressed in brilliant star centres. Select cocktails and serve food to match your theme. We can customise this evening event with catering and entertainment.

Speaking of which, no outer space evening would be complete without entertainment! Ask us about adding fabulous fire entertainers or a neon light show to wow guests before or after dinner.

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