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roman themed party & events
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Roman Evening - Themed Events

The Romans knew a thing or two about throwing a rip-roaring party. If you're looking for a classic theme with plenty of drama, a Roman Evening will deliver the goods. We'll whip your guests back in time to 31BC with a themed party featuring the era's most memorable figures.

What's Involved?

The best themed parties are theatrical affairs. Our Roman Evening has a story and plenty of interactive elements. Guests will become absorbed and involved in the action as Octavian returns from defeating Mark Antony and Cleopatra to be declared the new ruler of the Roman Empire.

Get your sandals and togas sorted! It's time to feast and make merry in true old school style!

Decor and Details

The Roman Evening is a themed event that's all about opulence and grandeur. Guests will enter the room and immediately be immersed in the atmosphere of an ancient Roman palace. No expense has been spared - you can expect a lavish evening with decor and details to match.

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