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workplace team building
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Workplace Team Building

Workplace Team Building Activities can have a huge effect on performance. Encourage employee cooperation. Boost office morale. Improve problem solving abilities and decision making skills. That's just for starters.

The grand aim is to get people working together as a fully functioning unit. Our workplace team building exercises cater for groups large and small. In locations across the UK and abroad. Indoors or outdoors, there's a very varied selection on the menu.

The trick is to select appropriate activities. Those with benefits that can be easily transferred to your workplace. The secret is to create a programme of carefully chosen exercises. These must directly relate to ongoing issues in the office. We know that no two teams are the same. That's why we tailor each package to suit each client.

How can we help?

Choosing the right workplace team building activities is no easy task. Nor is running an entire session! We can handle both requirements on your behalf. With an experienced facilitator at the helm, you're left free to watch or participate. Workplace team building exercises can be tailored to address specific issues. Let us know what you want to achieve. We can recommend and run a half or full day of activities.

To get the best possible outcome from the experience, it pays to use professionals. We will:

  • Plan workplace team building games that suit your needs
  • Help you find a suitable venue free of charge
  • Organise, deliver and set up any equipment needed
  • Energise the team and prepare them for the day
  • Run the games on the day
  • Make catering arrangements
  • Review and evaluate the exercises at the end of the day
  • Handle anything else you may require. The aim is to make the session as smooth and productive as possible

Here are a few examples of workplace team building activities.


These activities get the group warmed up and open to the idea of cooperating with colleagues. They tend to be simple, fun and light-hearted. Typical icebreakers are quick games that revolve around getting to know others. Team members often reveal fun facts about themselves.

Workplace Team Building Events

These are usually longer than games and can last from an hour to a half or full day. A team driving day ticks both the challenging and competitive boxes. School sports days and It's a Knockout encourage competition in a non-confrontational way.

Workplace Team Building Games

As the name implies, workplace team building games focus on fun challenges. Engaging and absorbing, they're well suited to developing problem solving skills. They can be competitive or productive. Teams compete to score the most points or build a structure.

Workplace Team Building Activities

Creative activities help improve problem solving techniques. They're also excellent for developing effective communication skills. The Picasso Picture Show is an excellent example. Based on the memory of one person, teams must recreate one of the great artist's pictures. There's a time limit to this activity, which makes it a great way to improve time management.

Workplace Team Building Exercises

Workplace team building exercises are often designed to build trust. Blindfold Driving is a brilliant example. As is Human Sheep Herding. Members of the group depend on each other to successfully complete the set task.

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