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Great Escape

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Great Escape - Outdoor Events

Relive the magic of the film and follow in the footsteps of Steve McQueen in our classicteam building challenge.Participants must use team work to conquer a series of challenges and make their very own great escape!

The scene is set with 1940s costumes and props to give the event the authentic touch.

Which team can complete challenges, solve clues and beat the guards to win their freedom?

Team Building Benefits:

  • Take participants out of their comfort zones
  • Illustrate the importance of team goal setting
  • Bond a new team quickly
  • Encourage competition in a fun environment
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance collaboration skills
  • Teach time management

What's Involved?

Great Escape can start with a conventional welcome from our events coordinators. Alternatively, we can give delegates the full military-style treatment with a briefing and kit inspection conducted by our tough team sergeant.

Participants will be issued with costumes and penalties will be incurred for incorrect attire and sloppy presentation. Look sharp and don't let the side down!

Each team is assigned to an officer and must complete a series of tasks that requirecommunication, collaboration andteam work.

To keep teams on their toes, surprise tasks will be announced at random throughout the event. The aim is to complete the challenges, score points and avoid penalties.

There's more to Great Escape than simply completing a number of challenges.

After teams have completed the main tasks, they'll have to face the reckoning!

The teams with the highest scores will be given the best clues which they must solve in order to dodge our guards and make their final escape.

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