There's more to team building than personality tests! BUILD YOUR CUSTOM EVENT

It's no secret that team building activities are great for improving communication skills. You may, however, be surprised by the innovative, exciting and nail-biting games, challenges and puzzles that get teams talking, listening, sharing ideas and collaborating.

We've all watched The Great Escape on TV at Christmas.

Steve McQueen would've been stumped without the cooperation and unique talents of his cell mates! Inspired by the ultimate prison break, Great Escape is a fun team building challenge that requires excellent communication skills. Get everyone across the simulated minefield, complete missions blindfolded, outwit the guards and win your freedom!

Team Building Activities that Improve Communication

One of our most popular communication-based team building activities sees teams battle it out to be the first to build and fire a rocket launcher. Which rocket will travel the farthest in our space race?

Come by! Sheepdog handling strips communication right back to its most ancient form: noise. Can you herd a motley crew of employees (the �sheep') back into the pen using a system of whistles and sounds? Who's been listening? Can you bring them back together when they start to run amok?

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