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5 Activities To Motivate Employees Through The January Blues

5 activities to motivate employees through the january blues
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Returning to work in January can be pretty tough and finding new ways to inspire and motivate employees can be tricky. It's the bleak winter season and we've all been slightly guilty of overindulging and eating too much turkey and mince pies. Taking part in team building events is a way to improve engagement and means employees are more likely to perform optimally in their roles and motivated to their best.

At Off Limits Events we have a number of activities to beat those winter blues and to inject a burst of inspiration in the New Year. Here's our top 5 motivational indoor activities:

Picasso Picture Show

With this activity your team mates will be recreating a masterpiece from memory. This activity is an opportunity to get those brain cells activated and a chance to release your inner creative flair. This team building activity will enhance communication and collaboration skills amongst employees. Plus everyone will play a part in getting involved and you'll even get to keep your picture as a memento. Hang it up on your office wall as a great memory of your motivational team building event.

In it 2 win it

Are you in need of injecting some quick fire, fun in the workplace to beat the January blues? The In It To Win It activity is made up of over 100 different, high energy challenges to encourage competition and fun. The challenges may look easy but looks can be deceiving, the activities include: ping tac toe, tortilla head and raising your glass to your victory. Employees will take part in a series of 2 minute challenges, not only is it entertaining but it encourages problem solving and competition.

Mindfulness – stress buster session

The winter season can be a stressful time in the workplace with increased workloads and goal setting for the year ahead. It's important for employees to implement simple techniques to control tension and manage stress levels in the workplace. The sessions will mean you can de-stress by learning how to mix yoga, meditation, visualisation, beginner massages and tai-chi. Plus with these sessions you'll be learning stress busting techniques that you can implement in the office all year round.

Soap box derby

Do you want an activity that illustrates the importance of individual team member roles? The Soapbox Derby is a fun, competitive event designed to get teams working together. Employees will be split into teams and supplied with soapbox construction kits - each vehicle created must pass its MOT to compete in each of the races. The races include the speed slalom, traffic light burn-off, hill climb and the grand prix finale. Each race requires a different skill and will encourage individuals to play to their strengths whilst learning new skills.

CSI investigate

CSI Investigate is a fun and fascinating team building challenge based on the smash hit TV series. The show has been brought to life using real forensic techniques with a mega head-scratcher of a crime to solve. This event will get employees out of their comfort zones and you'll be using good old fashion team work to solve crimes. The event involves all sorts of techniques including fingerprinting, facial reconstruction, ballistrics, forensic dentistry and blood spatter pattern analysis. With this event you'll be developing strategic thinking and problem solving techniques to get those brains into action.

In January, there are plenty of other steps a company can take to keep employees motivated during this period. It's an important step to setting a positive direction for the year ahead and encouraging positivity and collaboration in the workplace.

What techniques have you previously implemented to beat the January blues? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

16th Friday December 2016

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