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5 Trending Themed Events

5 trending themed events
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To create an evening event with a lasting impression and one that's remembered for years to come a themed evening is a great way to impress. A themed corporate event will set the mood and outline the timeline for the evening. When themed events are based around a time, season, book, film or place it can create instant connection and buzz for attendees. Remember when planning a corporate event this will ensure the mood of your event is consistent and engaging with your theme.

Here are 5 of the best trending themed events:

1920's evening

This Great Gatsby themed evening is one of our most popular themed evenings, it's super dazzling and certainly has the wow factor. It's not hard to see why this is our most popular event, it's full of glamour, drama and excitement to please all attendees. All the details make a big difference and sets the perfect tone for the evening. We even showcased this event at the Off Limits Event Professionals party at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nottingham and it proved to be the best party planned yet. With a roaring 1920's themed party we were able to inject plenty of glamour and excitement into the space. We even managed to squeeze a luxurious 1920's Beauford vintage car into the venue to open the party. The venue was revamped with backdrops, waiters, casino tables, crystal table centres, jazz bands, paparazzi photographer and flapper girls. The large open venue was completely immersed into the elegance and excitement of the era.

Circus evening

“The greatest show on earth” is what all attendees will be shouting from the tops of their lungs with this themed event. This theming will ensure your event is transformed into a decadent upmarket circus evening for all delegates. The jugglers will be tossing their flashing neon batons whilst roaming entertainers will keep guests enthralled with lots of tricks at every turn. Guests will be entranced by the dazzling acrobatic shows, magicians and fire eaters. Let your imagination run riot with this evening event to spice up your theming.

Enchanted Forest

It's time to skip through the grass, wade through the magical trees and walk into the wonderful enchanted forest with this themed event. The event will be like stepping into a Midsummers Night's Dream and the enchanting theming includes everything from magical fairy lights to blossom trees, flowers, toadstools, woodland animals, castle walls under a starlit sky. You can entertain guests with fire artists and it will entice everyone onto the dancefloor from live party bands to illusionists.

Medieval Banquet

Lords and ladies of the Medieval age knew how to throw an epic banquet for their guests. This a themed event where you can throw a huge banquet with jesters to delight and entertain your evening guests. The theming includes backdrops, walls and flickering torches with dimly lit walls to set the mood. The minstrels will serenade attendees as they tuck into the banquet and entertain the dramatic duelling knights to round off the evening in spectacular fashion.

Masquerade evening

This is an event that's shrouded in sophistication and secrecy. It's time to head into the Renaissance era of decadence, sophistication and secrecy. This theming allows attendees to get dressed up to nines and indulge in a little mischief as the guests don grand masquerade masks. This event will enable you to decorate the venue with a glamourous red carpet as you sweep through the doors of the main room and into the transformed venetian styled ballroom. Guests will be seduced by the spellbinding and romantic setting of a masquerade evening created with backdrops and silhouettes illuminated by a sea twinkling lights.

What's your favourite themed event? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

28th Friday April 2017

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