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A Team Building Christmas Wish List

a team building christmas wish list
Christmas Activities

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and your team is probably in high spirits! To help celebrate this, and make every colleague feel like a superhero, we have a ton of festive teambuilding activities for you to take part in.

  • Advent Adverts: Christmas Adverts are traditionally responsible for kicking off those festive feelings. Whether it's a cat burning down a house or an old man on the moon (check out our Christmas Ad Watch blog for the greatest of this year's adverts), they are loved by all. The challenge here is to one-up these brands' adverts with a budget of £10k, a tight deadline and a limited props department. This will really encourage creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Christmas InQuizition: Need to get your team communicating and working together better? Let our show host Kris Kringle challenge them with the Xmas InQuizition! If you can imagine a festive version of all your favourite TV game shows, then you'll know what to expect from this cracking event of entertainment.
  • Santa's Sketch Show: Unleash your team's inner artists with Santa's Sketch Show! One to really encourage creative thinking, time management and to amplify how individuals contribute to a bigger picture, Santa's Sketch Show is a festive team-building favourite. Teams will race against time to create a classic Christmas picture from memory.
  • Santa's Sleighbox Derby: Think a soapbox derby, but with a Christmassy twist. Teams must build sleighs from scratch and compete in a series of festive races. Communication and problem solving are key in this task, which requires resourcefulness and creative thinking too!
  • Santa's Sweet Success Challenge: Make your own festive goodies in a truly scrumptious team challenge. Can you tempt our judges with something creative and tasty? Break down the barriers between team members by making some amazing sweets.
  • The Great Christmas Bake Off: Unless you've lived under a rock for the past few years, chances are you've heard of The Great British Bake Off. Well, imagine this programme but with added festive flurry! Teams compete to make the best mince pieces, profiteroles, decorated cookies, and a showstopper Christmas cake. Unify your team in the name of baking.
  • The Twelve Games Of Christmas: No partridge or pear tree in sight for these challenges! Give your team a Christmas party with some real variety. Teams compete in 12 games with presents awarded to the winner of each one. The team with most presents at the end is crowned Christmas Champs.
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Written by Jim Alexander

08th Tuesday December 2015

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