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Best Activities For Fun Day Events

best activities for fun day events
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Family Fun Days are great outdoor events for clients as you're able to encompass a large range of fun, competitive and entertaining activities. These events are in high demand for employers who are looking to book staff incentive days and client entertainment occasions. Fun Days are more than just jolly experience days as they include a whole host of team building benefits to excite, motivate and inspire employees. A Fun Day is a fantastic way for clients to reward and motivate their workforce. It's great for increasing productivity, strengthening relationships and building trust. This event aims to impress and it's brilliant for building community spirit!

Fun Days are also a smart investment as it means large numbers of attendees can be entertained without breaking the bank. Fun days cater from 8-8000 delegates and are designed to cater for all client styles, aims and budgets, it's a way to accommodate for all employees and their families. We can cater for all sorts of bespoke, lavish fun days including client Intertissue where 650 employees and their families were invited to the event. They were so impressed by the bespoke event the client decided to book another staff incentive fun day with Off Limits Event Professionals this year. These event release the inner child in employees and will take them back to their school days, the delightful summer activities include fairground stalls, bouncy castles, clowns, banquets and magic shows. At Off Limits Event Professionals we offer bespoke packages to suit your specification from idea generation to full event experience.

Client Nottingham City Council who booked their Big It Up Fun Day year commented “Everything went really well on the Saturday Fun Day and we all had a fantastic time. The guys who ran the event were great, really getting involved and interacting with the children too - please pass on our thanks”

Here are our most popular fun day activities for Fun Day Events:

Fairground Stalls

Fairground stalls are fun and imaginative with tons of bonanza features from all the classic stalls and games. Including the coconut shy, hook a duck, hoopla, shooting gallery, tin-can alley and darts. Are you looking for a creative and smart way to keep the crowds entertained? Roll up with your colleagues and get stuck in, knock a coconut off the stand or relive the glory days and see how many winning ducks can be hooked. Impress your fellow colleagues as you keep a cool head, sharp eye and steady hand to reach those targets.

Bungee Running

This activity is a real scream and a fantastic way to encourage friendly competition in a more fun and relaxed environment. Go head to head against your colleagues as you attempt to run as far and as fast you can up the inflatable lanes with bungee cords attached to your waist. Just as you think you've nearly reached the end, the cord power kicks in and drags you back to the start.

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf works well with Fun Day Events and is a popular setup for corporate days and fundraising afternoons. The crazy golf course is a winning formula and the mini course includes barns, slides, houses and an impossible tank. Do you fancy taking on your manager and trying your winning putt through the comedy windmill?

Rodeo Bull

Will your delegates be up for this heart-pumping experience? The bull will rotate, buck, move back and forth so hold on tight. It's an unforgettable experience and we've added a team building twist to add a competitive edge to the activity. This hot favourite is always a big talking point so remember to saddle up and get ready for one white knuckle ride!

Bouncy Castles

Nothing is as fun as a good old bouncy castle. Leap, bounce and backflip your way to Fun Day success with these classic centrepieces. This is always a popular choice for kids and even the big kids amongst your delegates. Other Fun Day activities include fairground rides, barbeques, banquets, clowns and magic shows and much more. Why not incorporate a full circus theme into your event? The only limit is your imagination...

Have you booked a fun day with us? What are your favourite activities? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

09th Friday June 2017

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