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Christmas Work Party Ideas

christmas work party ideas
Christmas Activities

Another year has passed and it's time to plan another office Christmas party for your employees, it's an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and celebrate the festive season in style. Forget about last years do at the same old venue with worn banners and Christmas tree, it's time to book a dazzling event that will be remembered for years to come. Christmas Parties are a great way for employers to thank employees for their hard work and show how much you appreciate them.

Book an all inspiring, memorable and exciting team building experience that your employees will love. Off Limits Event Professionals have a vast array of Christmas party ideas, themed evenings and festive team building activities for your team. Our festive creativity is endless and we can plan a bespoke Christmas Party to cater for all your needs. It's time to inject some festive energy into your event and end the year with a big bang.

Here are some top Christmas work party ideas:

Themed evenings:

Themed Evenings are a fantastic way to create the instant wow factor and cover all your entertainment needs. You can choose different themes from any era, season, book, film or place to instantly excite your guests. We have plenty of imaginative themes for you to explore to add that extra magic and sparkle to your Christmas party. There's nothing more spellbinding than an Enchanted Forest to add a touch of magic to your evening event. Plan an event that's dripping with intrigue as your venue is decked out with fairy lights, blossom trees, fairies, flowers, castle walls and topped off with a magical atmosphere.

How about a stepping back in the time to a 1920's theme to add drama, glamour and excitement to your event. Add a jazz band and Charleston dancers to get guests in the mood of the roaring 20's. The Winter Wonderland themed evening creates a fairytale effect and will transport guests to the land of Narnia for a truly festive experience. Guests will enter the ice cave through frosted pillars as guests are entertained by the carol singers or a cabaret stage show for a truly icy effect. Why not go all out with a big, bold and beautiful Las Vegas Evening, there's plenty of glitzy casino tables to transform your venue in to a glamorous gambling den. A themed party will create the best bash for top delegate experience, Off Limits Events can create an event to razzle and dazzle your guests.

Christmas team building ideas:

Christmas team building activities are a great way to have fun, bond and boost the competitive spirit amongst employees. We have a vast array of festive events from the Xmas Tablet Quiz where you can show off your creative talents and take part in a series of seasonal challenges, spread the joy by creating your own decorations in the Christmas Crafts Challenge. Santa's Sweet Success is one truly scrumptious team challenge as delegates design, make and advertise an original selection of Christmas goodies to tempt our top judges. Christmas team building is a unique alternative for an event and a creative way to incorporate the Christmas festivities in a fun and competitive way.

Charity themed events:

Christmas is a time for giving and the best time of year to organise a fundraising event for your employees and capitalise on their generosity. Why not organise some festive themed quizzes and games? Employees can take part in the Christmas Inquizition, this activity tests everything from movie knowledge to cracker pulling skills and you can raise some much needed funds in the process. How about tying in a themed evening with a Christmas auction? Do you have plenty of corporate sponsors that can boost your prizes? This is a great way for employees to get their hands on unique Christmas gifts and an all-round winning formula.

Do you have any interesting ideas for your next Christmas Party event? We'd love for you to share your ideas on Linked in or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

30th Monday October 2017

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