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conference and meeting fillers
Christmas Activities

We all know how hard it can be to get motivated after stuffing our faces with a lovely lunch and switching off for the duration of the break and then walking back into the meeting or conference. What if, when you arrived back after lunch you knew you had something to look forward too. A game, a challenge or even a quiz to engage the brain. Incorporating one of our events into a meeting or conference is a great way to keep everyone motivated and ensure they walk away from the day having had fun and potentially learnt a lot more as concentration levels rocket. Below are some of the many events we can provide as a perfect conference or meeting fillers: 


At a conference or meeting you are seated for most of the day, restless feet, shuffling bums on chairs and fidgeting. Get everyone up on their feet with our Haka event. Learn and perform the famous Haka as one of our team takes you through step by step. It will be a laugh and pushes the comfort zones of the meeting.  

In it 2 Win it:

Some quick games that can be played around each table, great for communication and getting everyone involved. With lots of different games and challenges for all to take part in there will be a game to suit all individuals. These games work well at the beginning of a conference / meeting to break the ice or straight after lunch to soak up the lunchtime blues. 


Wow the guests at your next corporate meeting and entertain everyone as they walk back in from the break, they will be expecting part 2 of the meeting/conference but actually they have a great show to watch first. We can provide a wide variety of types of dancers, so you just need to choose which will suit the event the most. 


Give everyone some top class entertainment and provide them with laughs and memories to take away from the meeting. A perfect way to end the day and show appreciation to your guests for attending.


Nobody will expect a quiz halfway through, split the room into teams and introduce some classic quiz rounds. Our events team will set the scene with a big screen and all the props you need to complete the quiz. Who will win the quiz and be the team of the day.  

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

09th Friday November 2018

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