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don't worry if it's last minute
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We understand in the corporate world that decisions can be made very last minute. Some organisations are not sure whether events and team building activities are possible with such short notice. If you make a decision in a meeting to have a team building event the next day, next week or next month we can most certainly help you. Below are some events that we would suggest for last minute exciting team building events:

Crystal Quest:

We can hold this event both indoor and outdoor, great for any space! Indoor crystal quest can happen right in your office, challenges and games have been made to be transportable and easily enjoyed. Challenge your team to some mind boggling, testing games that will be sure to get everyone involved and show their competitive streak they didn’t even know they had. 

In It 2 Win It:

Another great event that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own office, it does not require much space. Great small challenges to get everyone in a competitive spirit. Race against the clock and take part in a series of games, they may look easy but looks can be deceptive. Games include: Ready, aim, fire!, Tortilla Head and separation anxiety to name a few.  

It’s a Knockout®:

Catch the last bit of summer with our ultimate team event, the original It’s a Knockout®. Perfect event to get the team outdoors and away from the normal day to day. Climb over inflatables, race each other, dress up in hilarious giant costumes and get covered in foam! 


British Baking Challenge: 

This team building activity is more than just whipping up some cakes and pies, team face the brilliant challenge of creating scrumptious afternoon tea that is good enough for the judges. This event encourages creative thinking and teaches the art of time management. 

Enter the Dragon’s Liar:

As a team create an innovative invention and pitch it to our panel of judges. Team will have to decide who will do the talking, the presenting and who will pull together a deal. Great team building activity that focuses on budgeting and planning.  


If your planning an evening event then inquisition could be the perfect fit, a full night of nail biting quiz questions. Keep your guests entertained with out energetic compare bringing interactive rounds for all to enjoy. 


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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

05th Thursday September 2019

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