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How to encourage collaboration

how to encourage collaboration
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For a company to run smoothly and goals to be reached its important leaders foster a work environment that supports good collaboration and unity amongst employees. Positive communication isn't always a natural occurrence for many companies and often takes time for employees to build rapport and bond. Poor communication can easily creep in amongst team members and cause drop-in morale, the key is to invest in building relationships so better communication and cooperation can be achieved.

Here are the main tips to supporting and improving collaborative relationships in the workplace:

Encourage training

Working in collaboration isn't a skill individuals naturally understand but needs to be developed and cultivated over time. This can be achieved through specific training such as team building events to help boost morale and shape the landscape of your employees working environment. Team building events such as Team Work Challenges can help with unification amongst team members. The event involves teams taking part in a number of activities such as the head scratching pyramid challenge and operation countdown. You'll learn how to collaborate with team mates on how to defuse a bomb within a tight deadline. Claim of Thrones is a key team building event that encourages collaboration amongst leaders and alliances as you compete against opposing teams for the throne of steel honour to be crowned victors. The classic Quest for Best team building event has more twists and turns than a corkscrew, teams will need to plan how to use their individual member talents wisely during each challenge from plate spinning to crazy golf and rocket building.

Provision and resources for teams working together

Provision of resources is paramount for individuals to achieve successful collaboration and become embedded into their culture. Employees should see leadership teams working together to accomplish goals and leaders must create an environment where delegates feel comfortable enough to share and exchange ideas. There should also be an online portal such as an intranet site to encourage collaboration that allows communication across departments.

Encourage individuals to socialise outside of the workplace

Employees at the office are focused on projects to hand which makes it a little trickier to interact on a personal level. These social events will contribute to breaking down any barriers in the workplace and supporting long term collaboration. Regular social events will give colleagues a chance to talk about their experiences and build relationships on a deeper level. Building friendships outside the office environment means the workplace will become a far more enjoyable and satisfying place to work for everyone.

Reviewing talents

All companies must carefully review skills of their employees and develop scenarios where they can add value. When forming a team it's important they're formed with colleagues who complement other delegates individual strengths.

Resolve conflict quickly

It's important to remember that no team is perfect and it's imperative to have a system in place that handles conflicts when they arise. This should be in place to allow any employee to share concerns without repercussions and means conflicts are handled swiftly and fairly by managers so employees can return to a normal, collaborative manner.

What are your thoughts on encouraging collaboration through team building? We'd love to hear from you on Linked in or Twitter.

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30th Friday June 2017

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