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spooky halloween events
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With Halloween around the corner will your team be dressing up at work or having any spooky games for the office? Halloween is a perfect excuse to incorporate team building into your working week. Whether it is apple bobbing or something a little spookier like our CSI Investigate event, providing your team with some activities to break up their day will go a long way improving their work rate and motivation. 

We have many events from indoor, outdoor and even themed events that can be tailored to suit your requirements, below we have listed some events that are perfect for the upcoming celebration of Halloween. 

Escape Rooms: 

Our escape rooms will quickly identify the team members who scare easily. Does your team have what it takes to crack the mental and physical challenges the room presents to them to escape within the hour? Dressing up for this activity for Halloween is encouraged and you can even stick to the theme of the room you are delving into. 

Murder Mystery:

This event is great for an evening activity with your team, something a little different to going to the pub for a drink after work. Instead, try and discover who the murderer is amongst the team, do you really know each other? And who can keep the secret!? This event never fails to keep everyone entertained and the dramatic scenes and scenarios are performed by professional actors. 

Thriller Workshop:

Looking to break down barriers and build motivation, then this is the event for your team. This activity is based on the famous song Thriller, the dance workshop is energetic, fun and certainly gets everyone moving on their feet. As well as all of that it’s the perfect opportunity to get dressed up for Halloween with face paint too! 

British Baking Challenge:

Bake some great treats and see which team has the creativity to come first as Top Bakers! As it is Halloween the decoration will have to be related by colour and design. Teams will be given the utensils and ingredients needed and the rest is up to you. Points will be rewarded for originality and creative flair. 

Face Painting:

Our face painting experts can be booked to come into your office if you wanted everyone to have a spooky face for the day. They also do well as an add on to an event to give the day a bit of a twist. There’s nothing better than seeing your whole team with a funny or scary face paint design for the day, certainly different to an ordinary day in the office. 

Circus Skills:

Get your whole team dressed up and performing as clowns this Halloween with some circus skills they have learnt from our professional clown. Circus skills can teach teams valuable skills in a fun environment. This can be delivered as an indoor or outdoor event. 

Spooky Evening:

An absolute winner when it comes to a Halloween themed night, scare the socks off your guests from when they enter through the graveyard. Doors will creek open as they walk into the ghostly mist in the room. Using a variety of props to create the spooky environment our team are experts when it comes to making sure everyone is entertained. 

CSI Investigate: 

We give your team the chance to become CSI’s for the day. Trying to crack and solve cryptic clues to ensure that the case is concluded with the correct killer or killers in custody. A crime has been committed and it is your responsibility to find out who, where, when and why. Race against the clock and eliminate the wrongly accused along the way. To keep to the theme of Halloween dress up as scary or zombified CSI agents.

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Written by Jenna Halford

16th Tuesday October 2018

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