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Take your event outdoors

take your event outdoors
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Taking your event outdoors is a boost for delegates and a chance to bond in a fresh environment

Team building is designed to inspire employees to perform better, increase morale as well as enabling colleagues to bond together. When these events are taken to the great outdoors it can add a new value, inspire fresh new challenges and help to reduce employee stress levels.

At Off Limits Events our outdoor event requests ranging from wild bush tucker style activities, bouncy It's a Knockout type events to fast and furious motorised fun. We even get requests to take delegates back to their school days in School Sports Spectacular style events where you can introduce active and competitive fun.

The open air can be a far more appealing option, an opportunity to work outside and the chance to interact in a casual and fun setting

This is why our client The Simons Group regularly book outdoor events with us as an annual reward for their employees. Each year they request a unique, bespoke event and due to the increased popularity of Game of Thrones they wanted plenty of stimulating and themed outdoor activities. The Claim of Thrones event was the perfect fit with Viking style activities included axe throwing, archery and constructing battleships. The client commented “The event was about having a laugh, fun and galvanising our teams ready for the rest of the year” It gave delegates the opportunity to take part in activities which would've been impossible to construct indoors and enabled them to step outside of their comfort zone. The open air can be a far more appealing option, an opportunity to work outside and get the chance to interact in a casual and fun setting.

Plenty of venues have vast amounts of great outdoor spaces to utilise for themed outdoor events. One notable event was for client Octopus Group who approached us to book a fun, summer themed event that blended with their creative, innovative brand values. The Wild West themed event at Marlow's Farm in Buckinghamshire was the perfect backdrop to the hedonistic and timeless event. The vast, outdoor space enabled us to incorporate activities such as cattle herding, rifle shooting, blindfold tepee building, lassoing, quick draw and bucking broncho. The outdoor environment was more than just a summer festival for employees, the space was colourful, stimulating and blended with the themed tepees and hay bale props. The Group commented “Off Limits Events hosted our Wild West team building activities for our annual summer festival, Rockostock. They did a splendid job and the spacious, outdoor venue made our event really fun and exciting”

Off Limits Events Director Martin Stephens commented “We're seeing an increase in enquiries from clients requesting outdoor team building events even during the colder months. We even delivered our popular It's a Knockout event in February to 150 delegates and even with freezing temperatures the client had an absolute blast. Taking your event to the great outdoors provides a completely fresh energy and a renewed boost for delegates”

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Written by Jenna Halford

19th Monday March 2018

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