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Top 5 food related team building events

top 5 food related team building events
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The best way to bond with your colleagues is through a shared love of food. Surely the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, right? Food is a great way to encourage team bonding, create enthusiasm and builds creativity amongst delegates. Food related team building not only promotes health and wellness but creates a buzz in a stress free and fun environment. More clients are opting for food related team building events as it's deemed the ideal stress reliever and fits perfectly into workplace wellness programs. It's a guaranteed hit for everyone.

Check out the top 5 food related team building activities:

1. Chocolate Chip Challenge

This event is about conquering culinary team challenges and earning cash to create chocolate sensations for your colleagues. Do your treats have the foodie x factor? This is a team building activity with both serious and sweet sides. You'll begin the event by completing brain busting puzzles, quizzes and physical challenges to buy materials for your unique chocolate product. The master chocolatiers will give teams a crash course in the art of chocolate making, cash from the challenges will enable teams to design, make, package, pitch and market their creation. The challenge requires a sweet tooth, smart planning and requires teams to use individual members skills and talents to win.

2. Sweet Success

The Creative Candy event will provide delegates with fun, colourful and educational workshops. These workshops are designed to strengthen work based relationships as delegates learn to create tasty sweet sensations. Delegates will learn the fine art of candy making and there will be plenty of laughs along the way. Not only will you learn about the science of confectionary but you'll see first-hand how the delicious treats are formed. Along with flavour tasting you'll get to create your own candy sensations. The best part is delegates will get to take home their delicious creations to enjoy.

3. British Baking Challenge

The British Baking Challenge is one of our best loved food events and a popular choice for clients. This event is about more than simply whipping up cakes, pies and scones as it includes plenty of culinary challenges. Teams will face the challenge of creating a heavenly afternoon tea that will impress our answer to judges. Clients will only be allowed to use the ingredients and utensils provided on the day and will be tasked to create a batch of scones, grand finale cake as well as a plate of cupcakes. Will your team be able to create beautifully presented cakes that taste divine? Remember no soggy bases!

4. Balanced Bites

Balanced Bites allows employees to bond through food whist opting for healthier meal options at the same time. It's important to introduce healthy eating habits in the workplace as it helps reenergise individuals and produce fuel for the brain. A professional chef will be on hand to guide teams through top techniques for producing nutritious and delicious two course meals. This event will enable delegates to create appealing meal ideas using the ingredients provided. This event requires sharp communication, collaboration and time management skills to cook one tasty meal option on time. The Balanced Bites session will encourage employees to cook nutritious healthy meals and work through healthy meal plans.

5. Creative Canapes

We all love canapes and this unique, decorative food treat is always a winning event. Creative canapes sound simple on the surface but these tiny treats are much harder to create than they look. Believe us when we say these tiny treats can be difficult to whip up, especially when you're trying to get approval of the pro chef. This chef will show delegates how to create a selection of canapes and afterwards it will be your chance to recreate them. The final results will then be judged by our top chef and catering assistants. This is exactly what the food doctor ordered!

Do you love food related team building activities? Which one is your favourite? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

22nd Friday September 2017

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