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Top 5 Indoor Team Building Events

top 5 indoor team building events
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Teams that work well together are more effective, productive and generally a lot happier and fun to work with. Don't want to chance the British weather for your team building event? It's time to choose a venue to host your fun and fascinating indoor team building event. It could add value and depth to your conference theme or spice up a company meeting in a weather-proof location. It's time to choose an event that will really push delegates to achieve their best and push them to their limits. These are our top indoor team building events that will challenge problem solving, communication, time management and planning but still inject plenty of fun. Here is 5 of our finest indoor team building events:

CSI Investigate

The CSI Investigate event is the ideal team building challenge based on the smash hit TV series. Teams will race against the clock to get to the truth to eliminate any wrongly accused suspects. The investigation team has done a sloppy job and has down tooled to attend a team building event. Delegates will have to race against the clock to get to the truth and eliminate any wrongly accused suspects by learning and applying a series of investigation skills. It is a unique, challenging and exciting event as teams prepare to be inspired, entertained and surprised as you work collectively to solve any injustices. Which team will work together collectively to solve the crime?

British Baking Challenge

This indoor teambuilding event inspired by the love of baking, this team building activity is more than simply whipping up cakes, pies and scones. Teams will face the challenge of creating a scrumptious afternoon tea good enough to impress our judge. He's not quite as picky as the real deal but he definitely won't tolerate a under soggy base. This event will test all the skills of all your delegates including communication, interaction, resourcefulness and the art of time management.

Channel Hopping

This is one head scratching conundrum of a team building event. This event won't require much indoor venue space just a projector and plenty of TV trivia knowledge. It's time to pick up your TV remote and click through all you favourite game shows, all the delegates get to join in the fun for every round. This teambuilding event also works as an after-dinner event and has plenty of the glitz from a really swish game show. Who knows most about the classic Family Fortunes or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? This event will inject plenty of nostalgia and fun into your team building event and will keep delegates entertained all evening.

Apprenticeship Challenge

Find out which delegate has got what it takes to secure a high flying job in the city with the indoor event. The Off Limits Events version of this team building event is as imaginative and creative as the hit TV show. Do you think you could do a better job than Lord Sugar's hopefuls? The aim is to successfully complete a number of tasks and see who can come up trumps in comparison to your opposing teams. This event is designed to stretch individuals, test leadership, delegation and negotiation skills.

Chocolate Chip Challenge

This is one popular team building event that will make all delegates swoon. With this team building event delegates will have to conquer culinary team challenges whilst earning cash to create a chocolate sensation. This event is chocolate making meets Dragon's Den added with brain busting puzzles, quizzes and physical challenges all to create unique chocolate products that impress the judges. This event is more than just creating chocolates you will also be asked to design, make, package and pitch the final product. What is your favourite indoor team building event? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

06th Monday February 2017

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