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Top 5 Racing Team Building Events

top 5 racing team building events
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The Grand Prix weekend is fast approaching and we have some fantastic racing events to get your adrenaline pumping. These racing events will not only make you feel like Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button in the Grand Prix but they also make the ideal team building event. Many of these racing events are designed to test communication skills, encourage collaboration and resourcefulness of team members.

Here are five of the finest racing team building events on offer:

Soap box Derby

You can become like a Formula 1 design team in the Soap box Derby event, the fun and competitive team building event is designed to get teams working together. The event involves splitting into teams and using the soapbox construction kits to create vehicles using the tools provided. Vehicles must pass their MOT and then team will go on to compete in four carefully crafted challenges including, speed slalom, traffic light burn off, hill climb and the grand prix finale. Just like Formula 1 it's designed to illustrate the importance of member team roles and the art of resourcefulness in a team.

Clients from the National Grid recently took part in the Soap Box Derby event with all of the delegates taking part in the wacky, racing event. They had plenty of fun on the day and it was a great opportunity to ensure every team member had a part to play. The finale involved a member of each team racing their final show piece, it was a great way for delegates to create and race their final show pieces.

Rage Buggies

If you're in need of speed and adrenaline pumping then the Rage Buggies are a great way of getting into the competitive team spirit. The supercharged off-road karts have a great centre of balance when racing and can be carefully controlled by the driver. Even though the buggies are individually manned all drivers work as part of a team to contribute to the total team score.


The Power Turns will help test your patience with your colleagues and you'll learn how to master the art of controlling the 2 seater vehicle with twin engine dragsters. The power turns don't have steering, they're controlled by manipulation of twin engine throttles and means acceleration is super speedy and very sensitive. Therefore, the driver and co-driver will need to communicate to keep control of the mean machine and make it round the Slalom course.

F1 simulator

The F1 simulator gives participants the chance to test out their driving skills and is the ultimate party showpiece. It's an opportunity to get inside the head of Lewis Hamilton and experience the rush of a high speed F1 race. For the ultimate F1 experience you can slip into the driver's seat, listen to the sounds effects, have smoke pumping and play the latest super driving games. It's perfect for an evening event and participants are given the option to drive solo or go head to head against colleagues for competitive team building.

Have you tested any of these racing events? Which one is your favourite?

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Written by Jenna Halford

08th Friday July 2016

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