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Top Team Building Ideas

top team building ideas
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Investment in team building events is essential for employers as it contributes to a productive and happier workplace culture. According to Government statistics work related stress accounts for 37% of ill health related cases in the workplace. As team building specialists we believe that focusing on employee wellbeing through events reduces stress, increases bonding and provides great memories for employees. Choosing an exciting team building event that produces plenty of laughter and powerful experiences for individuals at all corporate levels is important. As team building specialists we have an array of indoor and outdoor team building ideas to suit client requirements.

Here are the top team building event ideas from Off Limits Event Professionals:

CSI Investigate

This is one fun, interactive team building challenge based on the smash hit TV series. A heinous crime has been committed by suspected criminals but the previous investigation team have abandoned the case. It is now down to yourselves and your colleagues to race against the clock and eliminate any wrongly accused suspects. This is a unique and exciting event so prepare to be inspired as you apply your investigative skills to collectively solve any injustices. Teams will work together and race against the clock to eliminate any wrongly accused suspects by applying a series of investigation skills. Compete against each other to solve the crime and you never know one of your colleagues may even be a suspect.

Team Work Challenges

Go outdoors with your delegates and take part in a series of competitive challenges. The event is designed to tackle issues in the workplace such as time management and delegation skills to gain the best from team members. The number of challenges include the Pyramids, Blindfold Tent Building and Storm the Castle where teams get to create their own catapult by firing boulders at the main wall. Remember the king won't give up without a fight! The Reach for the Sky challenge involves delegates creating a rocket with points awarded for distance, design and creative flair. Why just have one activity for a team building event when these activities can cater for an array of skillsets in a relaxed outdoor environment.

Jungle Experience

This event has a quirky wild side and is based on the hit reality TV show ‘I'm a Celebrity' The event includes all sorts of creepy crawlies such as bug platters and challenges including the spiders web, sticky stars, stepping stones and has plenty of boxes filled with lots of scary surprises. The event covers a whole host of team building skills from improving communication to encouraging creativity. This isn't a typical team building event, it will encourage interaction and laughter in an outdoor collaborative environment. The delegates will soon be shouting ‘I'm an employee: get me outta here!'

Crystal Amazed

Our version of the 90's ground breaking game show is a guaranteed rip roaring success amongst delegates. Teams will learn how to crack cryptic clues and conquer mental and physical challenges in the fantastically themed zones. The more crystals collected by the delegates the longer spent in the dome during the grand finale. Your colleagues will be scrambling to reach the fistfuls of golden tickets before the final whistle. Jump into the most imaginative and engaging team building experience as delegates learn how to build communication, problem solve and gain collaborative skills.

British Baking Challenge

The Bake Off is fast becoming one of our most popular indoor team building events and enables delegates to become pro bakers! There are special techniques to be mastered and new skills to be learned in this culinary team building challenge. Delegates will face the task of creating a heavenly afternoon tea good enough to impress our top judge. They can only use the ingredients and utensils provided during event as they're tasked to create a batch of scones, showstopper cake as well as a plate of cupcakes. This event tastes divine and remember no soggy bottoms!

We have a large array of inspired team building ideas to make your event a success. What is your favourite team building event? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

03rd Tuesday October 2017

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