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Why Successful team building inspires great leadership

why successful team building inspires great leadership
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Think of the best leader you've ever had and how they've inspired and encouraged your development. You'll always remember that person because great leaders are memorable and excellent leaders are completely unforgettable.

The very best leaders motivate and inspire individuals to do their best work and influence others in their team to achieve the best. A manager is generally perceived as someone who has individuals reporting into them and inspirational leadership truly injects creativity and positivity along the way. Leaders aren't just listed on a hierarchy they strive for greater value, foster engagement and commitment from their employees. With mounting economical concerns and increased workplace pressures the need for successful leaders is greater than ever. What makes a truly inspirational leader?

Here are our tips for becoming an inspiring leader:

Team building

Just because employees are part of a team doesn't mean that ‘teamwork' is automatically happening. There are many teams out there where individuals lack enthusiasm, do not work well with colleagues and cannot accomplish goals set by their leader. The challenging role of a leader is to encourage successful teamwork and ensure the development of a team is a top priority. By encouraging team building it will improve communication and encourage collaboration amongst colleagues. Creative team building events develop imaginative thinking and brings people closer together, leading to more successful and innovative work ideas.


Transparency builds trust in a team and secrets destroy it. True leaders are direct and honest and communicate all the time as the lack of communication creates assumptions and negative thoughts. Team building events such as Team Work Challenges directly tackles the issue of trust and communication in the workplace. This team building event is presented in a relaxed environment as delegates take part in a number of bonding related activities. These include pyramid building, operation count down where individuals tackle brain busting cyptic clues and logic puzzles as well physical and mental challenges. Employees communicating through team building encourages individuals to play to their individual strengths as you work together to identify solutions.

Cultivating personal behaviours

Another challenge is for leaders to develop and cultivate behaviours that influences their employees. This can be a tricky balance as leaders navigate to identify their individual leadership style and whether their influence is effective. It's important to ensure as a leader you remain accountable with other leaders in the workplace and ensure you're open to modifying your approach if necessary.

Getting to know your team

An inspiring leader truly understands the needs of their team and embraces their individuality. By getting to know individuals you can gather intelligence and identify individual strengths and capabilities. Great leaders understand what buttons to push and how to activate the talents within the team. By getting fully invested leaders you've taken the time to understand how they're wired and what is required to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their best. Again another successful approach to getting to know your team is through successful team building events. Team building events such as Crystal Amazed are driven by communication, collaboration and interaction. This event is imaginative and engaging as teams dive into the world of crystals, themed zones, challenges plus physical and mental challenges. This is a great way for leaders to identify and discover unique talents as well as injecting fun and excitement into team building.

Celebrating success

In today's, fast paced and ever evolving economy it's also important to spend time reflecting on employee successes. When individuals or teams have achieved a success take a step back and reflect on what has been accomplished as acknowledgement can mean more than satisfaction. Leaders are generally as successful as their teams and the leaders know that with the correct dynamics, good decisions and personalities then everybody wins.

Leadership is the necessary component to improving and promoting team work within the workplace. Leaders can support teams into functioning to their highest capacity and the benefits of promoting positive work means an improved workplace culture and better productivity.

What are your thoughts on becoming an inspiring leader? Do you have any top tips to share? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

24th Friday November 2017

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