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activity days
Christmas Activities

Activity Days

Are you looking for a unique way to entertain your suppliers, valued customers, employees, or business associates? Treat them to an experience that they would not normally have access to by sponsoring one of the following team building activities.

Off Road Driving: If its the thrill, the buzz of the adrenaline, pitched with precision driving at one of the slowest speeds possible, over what might seem impossible terrain like steep climbs and drops, tight twisting turns, through deep mud and water. This activity has it all!

Rage Buggies: Your guests will work out their frustrations by driving Rage Buggies, which are tubular constructed all terrain vehicles. After donning protective gear, drivers will climb into the "rage cage" of the vehicle to experience the adrenaline rush of controlled handling at top speeds. Off-roading has never been so thrilling!

Archery: Give your guests an archery lesson where they will be able to put their judgment and composure skills to good use while being introduced to a new sport. Both long bow and cross bow options are available depending on the strength and stamina your guest brings to the activity. Satisfy the "Robin Hood" fantasies of your guests by engaging in a target competition to see who can best "hit the bull's-eye" in this precision sport.

Clay Pigeon Shooting: This sport involves shooting clay pigeons with rubber bullets. Your guests will yell "Pull" to have a clay disk launched, and then take their best shot at the flying object. A great equalizer, clay shooting, allows male and female, young and not-so-young guests to compete in a sport that requires little physical strength, and encourages precise aim.

Your guests will return from their day's adventure filled with a sense of accomplishment, and the urge to brag to everyone about their newfound skills.

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