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Capitalising On Team Competitiveness

capitalising on team competitiveness
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Capitalising on Team Competitiveness

In the 1980's and 1990's competition between work team members was looked upon as something undesirable. Teams were encouraged to engage in cooperation, collaboration and compromise rather than to compete among themselves. The saying "there is no "I" in team" instructed team members to look out for the wellbeing of team mates instead of seeking glory for themselves. While collaboration and cooperation is essential to team functioning, a little old-fashioned competition can inspire faster action than any strategic planning session can precipitate.

Developing healthy competition among team members is not difficult since most humans are, by nature, competitive. Begin encouraging team competition by laying a small wager. For example, a team leader might offer that the person who delivers their weekly report first this week gets a small prize. Soon everyone will be scrambling to see if they can win the prize.

Next, pit two team members against one another on a task at which they both excel. Let each competitor choose the team members who will assist them in completing the task, and set a deadline for completion. The highest quality outcome wins.

A third idea for inspiring healthy competition is to hold team problem solving competitions where the team randomly draws from a hat to decide membership in two problem-solving factions. Each of the two factions is assigned a period of time to come up with the best solution to a sticky team issue.

Using these three competitive techniques inspires timely team responses, enhances work quality, and allows team members to learn to work cooperatively with a wide array of team members to exploit team talent. Best of all, competition is fun. If enthusiasm is lacking in your team, competition is a sure way to introduce some excitement into daily operations and fan the flames of enthusiastic contribution.

Here at Off Limits you will find a wide range of activities and events which will encourage the competitive spirit in a fun environment. Compete against other teams in events as wide ranging as Its a Knockout, Treasure Hunts, and Driving Events.

You can get then together with some evening entertainment to gloat about your victorious day!!

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