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Ski Weekends

ski weekends
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Ski Weekends

Whether it is waterskiing in summer, or winter snow skiing, strapping on a pair of skis can provide a great team building adventure or a hospitality event for friends of your corporation. Ski weekends, like many other custom events are an ideal way to bond a collective spirit between all team members. Both first timers and experienced skiers will have a great time provided they have the right equipment to support their proficiency level. Let's take a look at the various options available for including everyone on your team in a skiing event.

Water Sports

  • Water Skis: For beginning skiers using two skis is easier that using just one, so ask the more experienced skiers in your group to help the less experienced to strap on a life jacket and get into a pair of skis in preparation for the ride of their life. Most people will learn how to stand on skis on the first day of the outing, and by the second day they are itching to advance to a wakeboard. If all members of the group are experienced water skiers, a slalom event can be held to inspire team competition.
  • Wakeboards: A wakeboard is a single board on which the rider stands with his/her feet across the board in bindings. This is a more difficult sport than waterskiing so challenge the experienced skiers to take on this new challenge.
  • Towables: Towables are inflatable and include water trampolines, one to multi-seat towable tubes, and water sleds. These are perfect for guests with physical limitations, or those who wish for a tamer experience than traditional skiing provides.

Snow Sports

  • Snow Skiing: Again, beginners are assisted by experienced skiers in the group, or given a professional instructor. While beginners try out the bunny slope to learn the sport, their more experienced counterparts can hit the steeper slopes.
  • Snowboarding: This is more difficult than skiing, so only experienced skiers will want to try this advanced sport.
  • Tubing: For those who don't wish to ski, inflatable tubes provide a thrilling downhill ride without the need to learn a sport.
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