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Team Building And Why It Works

team building and why it works
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Team Building and Why it Works

team building, came about at the latter end of the twentieth century where many corporations realised that parts of its organisation performed better than others. The parts that worked better were ones where the personnel involved performed better as a collective, or team.

This led to the thinking that if a group of people worked together in a different environment to achieve a common goal, then they would bring the experiences of working as a team back to the organisation. In turn, this would increase performance and increase revenue streams.

This is why many team building groups are generally made up of groups from the same areas of an organisation. It makes sense when you think about it, as the experiences of team building are generally positive, and benefit an organisation in four ways.
  1. It gives all members of a team an insight into each team members strengths and weaknesses. The insights can then be utilised by line managers when delegating work in the work environment to good effect. In the arena of team building, natural traits such as leadership emerge to. This is a huge benefit to an organisation.
  2. It builds a bond, or camaraderie that the team brings back to the organisation, and thus performance increases as team members have a better idea how best to work together. There is also a greater mutual respect.
  3. It highlights problem areas within the team, which can then be addressed.
  4. Events such as team building have a positive effect on morale, as many employees see it as a day out, and a company treat.
The team building tasks range from Off Road Driving, to Treasure Hunts and Raft Building. Each package is generally tailored to an individual companies requirements, and this generally reflects what the company expects to get from the team building exercises for its staff.

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