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Team Building Resort Outings

team building resort outings
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Team Building Resort Outings

Does your organization encourage each team within your company to engage in annual planning retreats and conference events? Do you frequently hear groans when planning season nears? Make annual planning retreats more motivational by sending the top performing teams away to a posh resort for a planning and team building event.

Resort retreats provide a stimulating mix of work and play sessions that reward top performance and surface annual plans in the most painless way possible. Two-hour facilitated planning meetings are interspersed with team competitions and leisure activities. Special treats such as an in-room massage, a make-over in the resort beauty or barber shop, or a bottle of champagne can be awarded to top performers on each team by vote of the team's members, and given as surprise rewards over the two-day retreat.

After two gruelling hours of planning, the team is invited to participate in activities such as water volleyball in the pool, nine holes of golf, a horseback ride through an area of natural beauty, or a rousing horseshoe competition. Such activities will not only build camaraderie between team members, but the physical activity will boost the oxygenated blood supply to the brain, enabling clarity of thought during the next scheduled planning session.

The second planning session of the day can occur over the lunch hour with gourmet box lunches, or a buffet provided. Then it's off to a mid-afternoon activity before engaging in the final planning session of the day. Integrating six hours of goal review, and annual planning between the recreational sessions will motivate teams to stay on task, and be concise in their contributions to the plan.

Evening entertainment and Themed Parties can be provided after an exquisite dinner for the group. Live music, dancing, the screening of a classic movie, a play, a treasure hunt, or a wine tasting might be the perfect end to a day of hard work and easy fun.

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