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The Company Picnic

the company picnic
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The Company Picnic

The annual company picnic isn't what it used to be. Now it's better than it used to be. Gone is day when overcooked burgers and rubbery hot dogs are offered to employees on flimsy paper plates. Today's progressive companies are taking their picnics offsite to spots where employees and their families can enjoy a day filled with fun activities and new experiences - the perfect Family Fun Day.

Amusement Park Picnics: Holding your next company picnic at an amusement park where the price of admission is free or significantly discounted offers employees a day out where adults and children alike can find attractions that delight them. Renting a block of picnic shelters so the group has somewhere to gather for a box lunch or a picnic buffet will allow employees to find one another to enjoy the day together.

Resort Picnics: Sponsor a getaway for families to enjoy a day of fun and sun at an area resort. Canoeing, row boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, volleyball and Human Table Football are but a few of the features that a resort can offer. A rousing game of football, softball or basketball, or a few rounds of golf will provide endless hours of family fun, and introduce families to new ways to enjoy a day together.

Park Picnics: Public parks can provide an open space to set up a variety of games and activities that will make the company picnic a special event. Giant inflatable slides, water features, an obstacle course, or a rock wall for climbing make the perfect challenges for guests of all ages. Traditional contests such as a tug-of-war, a three-legged race, and Storm the Castle can augment the rented attractions to provide both old school and new school activities for all.

Lawn Party: If your budget is small, and your corporate grounds are large, pitch a party tent or two, and lay down a dance floor. An oldies band or DJ can be hired to accompany a dance contest. Set up a driving range for the golfers in the group and sponsor a long drive competition. Bring in a petting zoo for the children, and you have provided a variety of family fun features for a reasonable cost.

Family fun days can help to improve staff loyalty and improve company spirit.

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