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4 times Summit nailed their challenge as a team on The Apprentice

4 times summit nailed their challenge as a team on the apprentice
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Team Summit from last year's season of The Apprentice pulled off some big victories through great teamwork. We count down four times Summit won by working together as a well-oiled machine.

  1. The Board Game: Lord Sugar set the task of designing a brand new board game to sell to retailers across London. Tenacity created a dating board game, which was named “The Relationship Guru.” Unfortunately this guru wasn't able to teach the basics of teamwork, and Tenacity went down in flames.

Summit came up with an educational geography based game, which was well received by market research. They worked well together, recognising individual strengths and playing to them. Helped by Raisin Hogan's clever, simple idea, Summit's offering did the business.

  1. Advertising in New York: Teams had to advertise a brand new soft drink in the USA. One half of the team dealt with designing it in sunny Luton, while the other half did market research and pitching in New York.

Both teams suffered from internal bickering as they tried to decide who went to the Big Apple and who got to hang out in Luton: but worse than that, Tenacity suffered from not truly understanding individual strengths throughout the challenge. Felipe poorly directed the advert and Lauren gave a dull presentation, showing all the team members were in the wrong places. Summit, on the other hand, created a much better outfit, putting the right people in the right places. It helped that they named their drink ‘Big Dawg', too. Compare that to Tenacity's lame ‘Aqua Fusion', and it's easy to see why the soft drink bigwigs plumped for Summit.

  1. The Online Video Channel: Dragging the hopefuls kicking and screaming into the YouTube era, Lord Sugar asked the teams to launch an online video channel and promote an original video. Most views meant a win.

Tenacity once again showed a lack of teamwork. Steven blew his pitch, Sarah was a weak performer throughout the process and Ella Jade had poor leadership. This led to all three of them being fired. As for Summit, they showed team strength in being able to change a plan at the last minute, focusing on view count as the key metric and pulling off the victory.

  1. Premium Pudding: Lord Sugar asked the teams to create a new range of premium puddings and pitch it to three retailers. Summit absolutely smashed this challenge and didn't let the bad performance of their first presentation get them down. They re-evaluated, switched their team around and came back stronger than ever. Now that's a top teamwork skill.

Want your team to be the next Summit? Have a go at our Commercial Creation event, Sweet Success, or report straight to Lord Sweetener's boardroom in our Apprenticeship challenge.

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Written by Jim Alexander

20th Tuesday October 2015

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